Máster Class Digital Experience Research Centre


On october 26th, you will meet our collegue, Smailing Ventura, Art Direction Leader within the everis Experience Desing team, will be sharing details about their team and the Design Thinking methodologies they use on daily bases in our Research Centre.

We will also be hosting a Virtual Tour of the everis Living Lab, conducted by Francesc Xavier Hinojosa, Processes Service Leader. Everis living lab encourages innovation through creativity, team-work and user insights. This is the main reason behind our Research Centre, a space to explore our reaction in front of the latest technology, foster collaboration through Design thinking methodologies and learn from new generations. In this virtual tour, our Experience Design team will explain the team and methodologies behind this state of the art facilities.

Durante el día 26 de octubre de 14:30 - 15:45

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Evento caducado. Si tienes interés en formar parte del equipo NTT DATA, déjanos tu cv en emealjobs.nttdata.com